Cybersecurity remains a global threat, says Paula Barrett of Eversheds

Following calls from David Cameron for formal talks with China on the issue of cybersecurity, Paula Barrett, international head of privacy and information law at Eversheds, said that cybersecurity ‘remains a global threat for businesses’.

Barrett said: ‘While there has been a lot of attention in recent weeks and months on cybersecurity in relation to revelations about US and other government activities, including the UK, cybersecurity remains a global threat for businesses. It can’t be fixed on a purely bilateral basis.’

She added that the EU continues to strive for ever-greater restrictions to protect information, putting forward new legislation such as the Cyber Security Directive and the draft Data Protection Regulation.

Barrett continued: ‘However, it remains the case that personal information, intellectual property and confidential information is being targeted from countries where no equivalent protection exists, giving companies and individuals little recourse or comfort against increasingly sophisticated penetration activity.’