Cuatrecasas seeks Mexican best friend

Spanish firm Cuatrecasas is looking for a best friend alliance in Mexico, with a view to opening an office.

It has formal alliances in Argentina and Brazil and recently announced plans for an office in the same premises as its Brazilian best friend Machado Meyer Sendacz e Opice (The Lawyer, 24 September).
“We'd look to follow the same 'implant' model in Mexico as we're going to do in Brazil, where we find a best friend and then set up a small office in the same premises,” said international development partner Enric Picanyol.
The firm currently has clients requiring cross-border Spanish and Mexican advice. It refers work to a number of Mexican firms, but would like to provide clients with a constant presence in the country.
“Spanish clients also doing work in Mexico have said it would be good to have a team in Mexico the whole time,” said Picanyol. “We refer work to Mexican firms if our clients need Mexican advice. But they also want Cuatrecasas lawyers for continuity and to follow up after the work's been done – a Spanish lawyer who'll make sure our clients are taken care of on a continuing matter. In many ways, our clients would like us to be their Spanish in-house lawyers abroad.”
The Mexican firms Cuatrecasas currently works with are: Santamarina y Steta; Creel Garcia Cuellar y Muggenburg; Ritch Heather y Mueller; Basham Ringe y Correa; and Gonzalez Calvillo y Forastieri. Picanyol was unable to comment on which firm it was most likely to build a formal alliance with.