Crystal maze

One of Tulkinghorn’s scribes recently had the pleasure of an hour’s company with the exquisite Merlie Calvert, top lawyer for diamond company De Beers. But he had his work cut out for him getting to the meet. Whether a remnant of dodgy interior design from yesteryear or, as Tulkinghorn suspects, an intentionally befuddling floor plan, a 15-minute trek ensued through numerous short and curving corridors, all of which the scribe is sure to have doubled back on several times over.

There wasn’t even time for a nosy peek through office windows as the scribe’s guide scampered ahead like Alice’s white rabbit. Relaying his tale to the divine Ms Calvert, the poor journalist received a knowing wink. She told how, in her first week, she had to deliver an internal document, but a wrong turn (probably at Albuquerque) led her into a corridor from which her security pass allowed no escape. It was about an hour later before some lucky chap got to play the role of knight in shining amour and rescue the damsel in distress.