Criticism of Law Soc unfair

The expression on my face must have been a picture to any onlooker as I read the Perrin column (7 August) changing, as I read through, from puzzlement to incredulity to sheer hilarity.

Where has Perrin been for the last three years? Does he not know that the Solicitors Complaints Bureau ceased to exist in 1996? Is he not aware that the reform of the professional rules governing the profession have been under active review for some months and that considerable progress has been made towards producing a draft for approval?

The Law Society may have its faults, but Perrin's column appears to be just one more attempt to jump on the denigration bandwagon.

Did Perrin vote in the last election, or in the one before that? If not, he can scarcely complain if the Law Society he gets is not to his liking.

As a humble local law society secretary, I would suggest that Perrin at least bothers to properly inform himself be-fore joining the ranks of those who criticise just for the sake of it.

Michael Frith, secretary, The Warwickshire Law Society.