Conflicting allegiances

The results of the IFF Research Poll support what the British Legal Association has been saying for nearly 33 years: one organisation cannot adequately both rule and represent its members. This is particularly the case where an unpaid collection of worthies wrestle with the problems arising out of administering the lives of more than 80,000 professionals.

It is axiomatic that a large number of decisions have to be left in the hands of paid staff, many of whom have minimal experience of life in practice. These persons increasingly use their tenure in Chancery Lane as an opportunity to build personal empires within the Law Society by dreaming up more and more expensive, unnecessary, and largely ineffective regulations, thereafter departing for pastures new. Recent expensive and embarrassing disclosures within the society merely emphasise my point.

There has never been a greater need for an independent representative body for solicitors in private practice.

Geoffrey Thomas

Secretary general

British Legal Association