Conference dates

The International Bar Association has four conferences planned. The first, in Washington on 20 May, looks at the challenges facing practitioners in international franchising, organised jointly with the International Franchise Association. The second, “Crime Across the World: Is the Rule of Law Being Corrupted?”, will take place between 22-25 May in Vienna. The third is for litigators and will look at application of the Brussels and Lugano Conventions. It will be held in Lisbon from 28 May for two days. The fourth, organised by the IBA's Human Rights Institute, will focus on the worldwide application of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. It will be held in Hong Kong on 12 June.

The Law Society, in conjunction with the Law Society of Scotland, the German Federal Bar and the Academy of European Law, is hosting two one-day conferences in London on 11 June, and in Frankfurt on 18 June, to examine the business opportunities created by the new EU directive on lawyers' rights of establishment.