Complacency Bureau

I have just been handed a copy of the report from the Solicitors Complaints Bureau for 1995 containing a foreword from acting director Martin O'Reilly.

One is taken aback with the complacency and arrogance of the comments it contains.

The SCB's claims to have improved are marginal and there are still an alarming number of complaints against solicitors arriving at the SCB.

The Law Society's plan to tinker with the SCB and create the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors in no way faces up to the need for an independent body to handle such matters.

In spite of the formation of Complaints Against Solicitors – Action for Independent Adjudication (Casia), I can find no mention of us anywhere in that document.

Why should the legal profession remain as judge and jury when handling complaints against solicitors?

Tony Walden Biles

Vice-chair, Casia.

West Farm