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What do the events of 2020 mean for the future of work in the UK legal sector?

The huge shake-up that’s been 2020 has left a huge impact on law firms, as well as countless other businesses in the UK. As seen in our ‘UK Legal Sector: State of the Workplace Report’, the move to mass levels of remote working and the Government’s furlough scheme has seen some significant changes to the […]

The rise (and success) of remote working in the UK legal sector in 2020.

Last week we published our UK legal sector ‘State of the Workplace 2020’ report in partnership with Today’s Conveyancer and the Practical Vision Network. The aim of the report was to shine a light on the huge and lasting impact the events of 2020 have had on UK law firms and legal sector employees. We […]

The importance of great 1:1 meetings for better performance at work

By Chris Shenton Whether you’re using them to connect on a specific issue, or just to give general feedback, 1:1 meetings can be a very useful tool in the manager armoury. But it’s important to have the proper framework in place, or they just become another meeting taking up space on the calendar. Today, the […]

How to grow employee resilience to take on new challenges and why it’s essential

By Chris Shenton MSc Even if you’re doing everything you can to look after your staff’s wellbeing while keeping them engaged, sometimes the stress can just pile up. Sometimes, things just go unexpectedly wrong, like 2020 as a whole. That’s why it’s really important for managers to help build employee resilience to new challenges in […]

The skills that matter when it comes to remote working in the legal sector

By Jack Binns M.A. Businesses of all kinds have been shaken up over the course of 2020, and those in the legal sector are no exception. As things stand the future is far from clear but whatever happens going forward, it’s looking like remote work is here to stay for most. Working remotely, or telecommuting […]

How the use of AI in HR technology is transforming the employee experience

By Chris Shenton MSc We at Weekly10 were recently fortunate enough to be able to take part in Wales Tech Week, where our CEO Andy and I gave a talk on the ways in which AI is shaping the future of HR. This includes how we ourselves use machine-learning to provide richer employee engagement and predictive […]