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Assert your cyber strength

Compromised data compromises goodwill. As the public wakes up to how much of its data is in circulation, how long it can be stored and how much value it has, they are rightly demanding that it be properly secured. Consequently, a data breach has become one of the biggest threats to an organisation’s reputation. As […]

Undercover Filming – An insight

By Ben Hobbs If a picture says a thousand words, a video says infinitely more. Undercover filming adds significant weight to allegations and articles, particularly as only a very small proportion of what is recorded will ultimately be used and there may be significantly more raw footage supporting the target’s position or providing proper context. […]

Data privacy and protection in the US

In the US, there is no single, comprehensive federal law regulating the collection and use of personal data. The inconsistent nature of the current protection for data and privacy has largely been accepted as a consequence of the balancing act between what is a Federal responsibility and what is a state responsibility. However, against the […]

Flawed flags in the financial and banking system

At a time when information flies at the speed of a mouse click, and supply chains, businesses, and people easily cross borders, the possibilities for transformation are endless. There is a lot of good news as a result: goods can get to market much faster and at more affordable prices; more people around the world […]

GDPR: three months, three case studies

By Magnus Boyd It is just over three months since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force. In that time there has been a substantial rise in the notification of breaches to the Information Commissioner’s Office as well as reporting to individuals whose data was lost or affected by the breach. The increased […]

Court of Appeal: Catja Thum v Oliver Thum

The Court of Appeal today dismissed Oliver Thum’s appeal and ruled that his wife Catja Thum’s divorce and related financial claims should proceed in the English court and not, as Dr Thum had argued, in Berlin. Giving judgment for the Court of Appeal Lord Justice Moylan said…

Fact, disinformation, opinion: How to protect your business

By Susan Kent Media in all its forms plays a pivotal role in building support or contempt for a particular subject or target. The migration of journalistic content from print to online has created an easily accessible and uncensored encyclopaedia of information. Whatever your favoured term is – fake news, disinformation or malicious falsehood – […]

artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence – friend or foe?

By Liam Baker  While every technological advance has demonstrated that it’s designed with the best of intentions, the inherent dual use of AI technology makes it a top target for those looking to harm you, your family and your businesses. ‘Dual use’ matters, because such technology can be utilised by your detractors against the very […]

Wedding lists: Be careful what you wish for

By Juliet Young Wedding lists and gift lists are a fascinating insight into people’s private lives and personal taste. Is there anyone who has looked down a gift list and not made a disparaging comment about at least one item? Or felt it was bizarrely intimate buying someone else’s bed linen (but you’ve left it […]

I’m divorced, that’s it, right?

By Miranda Nairn There is a common misconception that once in possession of a decree absolute (the final decree dissolving a marriage), your divorce is done and dusted and you and your ex-spouse can walk off into the sunset, in opposite directions, never to see or hear from each other again. In fact, unless you […]

Location, location, location: the dangers of tracking whereabouts on social media

Snapchat’s map feature has been called “creepy” and “dangerous” by the media since its inception last year. The feature enables users to track their friends’ locations at any time, across the globe. This adds to a myriad of settings on the app which allow users to share their location with others. The very act of […]

cyber attack, cyber security, hacker

Cyber attacks: Driven to change or driving change

By Jennifer Michael Being Driven to Change during a crisis can often be haphazard, fast-paced and incredibly stressful. It usually comes about because an event you haven’t planned for happens suddenly. If this event is a cyber attack, as a priority you will need to put measures in place to stop your private and confidential […]

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