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Potential issues surrounding recall of managers in a two-tier system – how to effectively avoid problems in advance

In a two tier-system in joint-stock companies in Slovenia, competences are divided between general meeting, supervisory board and management board. The division of competences under Slovenian Companies Act (ZGD-1) reflects to a high degree the one accepted in the German Aktiengesetz. Division of competences is mandatorily prescribed and cannot be changed by the provisions of […]

Unilateral refusal to license intellectual property rights in EU competition law

Intellectual property law in the European Union governs the creation and commercial exploitation of exclusive rights given by statutory law to a creator (or inventor). An EU Member State grants a creator a temporarily limited right – intellectual property right – to exclude others from any exercise of the protected intellectual property right as an […]

Slovenia’s national GDPR implementation

In Slovenia, a new proposal of the Personal Data Protection Act (hereinafter: “ZVOP-2”)1 was published by the Ministry of Justice on 7 March 2019, with which the legislator aims to regulate at a national level the field of personal data protection and ensure the enforcement of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of […]

Beware the LEASE

When entering the Slovenian market, one of the company’s first steps is usually the obtainment of adequate business premises and most frequently, the newcomers lease those out. As the business evolves, so do the company’s needs for space and location. If mistakes are made while negotiating and concluding the first lease agreement and not enough […]

Consumer loan agreements denominated in Swiss francs

By Mateja Ule In the past years, Slovenian courts have been faced with several actions filed by consumers requesting the court to declare loan agreements denominated in Swiss francs null and void. While the courts of first and second instance seemed to struggle to find a common approach in assessing the validity of Swiss francs loan […]

Prevention of Money-Laundering in Slovenia related to Cryptocurrency services: Already ahead of the MLD5

By Anže Skodlar Crypto assets and among them cryptocurrencies, which this article focuses on, have proven themselves as an eminent opportunity in many aspects of the new digital economy, giving birth to new innovative enterprises and enabling exchange of value in a decentralized manner. This is also evident in Slovenia, being a well-known hub of successful […]