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5 key considerations for planning a virtual hearing

With the widespread adoption of remote working, the legal world has now turned to technology for solutions to overcome challenges and adapt to this new environment. In an industry that is usually heavily reliant on face-to-face interaction, lawyers, courts and arbitration centres are now exploring alternative ways of running remote court hearings, or virtual hearings. […]

Top 5 virtual hearing tips for barristers, from barristers

For the legal world, the rapid transition to virtual hearings may pose challenges. However, most importantly, it also presents an opportunity to innovate and gain new capabilities. As virtual hearings have already started taking place globally, several barristers have been sharing their experiences. They have offered support, guidance and inspiration for fellow industry professionals who […]

The future of courtroom litigation

As law professionals adapt to new ways of working and conducting remote hearings, how will this impact the future of courtroom litigation? In a recent article published on, Stephen Embry sheds light on this topic, following his interview with Opus 2 Founder and CEO, Graham Smith-Bernal and our Chief Strategy Officer, Steve Fleming. They explain […]

4 key responsibilities of a Virtual Hearing Manager

In the current climate, technology is enabling judicial proceedings to be conducted remotely via virtual hearings. There are many moving parts to a virtual hearing, which can add to the challenge of ensuring the smooth running of proceedings. At Opus 2, our Remote Access solutions have enabled participants to follow hearings in real time, from […]

Guest post: Ian Gaunt on LMAA’s transition to virtual hearings

The LMAA is the world’s leading body concerned with maritime arbitration. Members of the LMAA handle over 1,700 new cases each year and publish over 500 awards in the same period. To put that in perspective, the number of new LMAA cases is roughly equal to the number of new cases started annually in the […]

Practical advice for conducting legal proceedings digitally & remotely

In January 2017, I identified a series of technology-related trends that were making electronic trials and hearings with remote participation not only possible, but increasingly practical. As I revisit this topic today, restrictions on travel, work-at-home mandates and bans on even small gatherings in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic are causing turmoil and uncertainty […]

How to ensure effective communication with your team during virtual hearings

As virtual hearings become more common, legal practitioners need to ensure effective communication within the team during a virtual hearing. In a remote environment, how do you replace the post-it notes usually passed along in the hearing room, or leaning over the shoulder for a quick word? Over the last few months, lawyers have been […]

The numbers behind the digital transformation

Since March 2020, Opus 2 has conducted over 335 virtual hearings with more than 11,000 Realtime connections. Whilst facilitating these hearings at locations around the world, our platform has hosted over 100,000 documents enabling legal teams to manage key evidence, facts and work product, and securely share and collaborate with colleagues and clients. Not only […]

Planning for your hearing in 2020 and beyond

For more than a decade, Opus 2 has been empowering lawyers to achieve the best possible outcomes for their clients by modernising and enhancing their disputes practices in the digital age. Events thus far in 2020 have brought these innovations into even sharper focus, with the adoption of specialised, cloud-based technologies for dispute resolution more […]

How the adoption of electronic bundles can transform the role of the arbitrator

Background With international shipping accounting for 90% of goods transported globally, the shipping industry relies heavily on tribunals and arbitration to settle disputes between parties. The nature of disputes varies greatly but can include disagreements arising under time and voyage charters, bills of lading contracts, contracts for the sale of goods, and shipbuilding disputes, to […]

Electronic presentation of courtroom evidence addresses accessibility issues and provides case clarity in Singapore

Based in Singapore, Fullerton Law Chambers LLC (FLC) is a boutique legal firm providing premier dispute resolution services. With a large litigation trial pending, the team handling this particular case soon realised that the volume and format of the document set would be problematic to present effectively in court. Many of the documents were complex […]