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Smart Work in Italy: flexible working

On June 29th, one year ago to the day, a new proposed law on Smart Work in Italy – with the aim of promoting more flexible and simplified forms of teleworking – was presented to the Italian Chamber of Deputies by Parliamentarians Alessia Mosca, Anna Ascani, Barbara Saltamartini, Irene Tinagli , Giovanni Bonafè, and Bruno […]

The Jobs Act: the first month in review

The Italian government has revealed the first labour market statistics after the most recent implementation of the Jobs Act on 1 March 2015… and the news looks positive. One must remember that one of the main objectives of the newest labour reforms is to promote the permanent employment contract as the main form of relationship between an employer […]

Italian employment law 2015: need to know

The Italian Senate has spoken – labour reform is coming this year. On Tuesday December 3rd, 2014 they voted in favour (166 ‘Yes’ vs 122 ‘No’ + 1 assent) of giving a proxy to the Italian Ministry of Labour to create the laws, within a given framework, to implement Matteo Renzi’s long debated Jobs Act. […]

Is it a numbers game? Gender equality in Italy

The World Economic Forum recently published the ninth edition of its annual Global Gender Gap Report which, in their words, ‘quantifies the magnitude of gender-based disparities and tracks their progress over time.’  On first impression, it appears as if Italy has improved its ranking in this report from the 71st position in 2013 to the […]

Italian labour reforms: the next generation

On 9 October 2014, the Italian Senate voted (165 yes vs 111 no) to back Matteo Renzi’s government on newly proposed labour reforms that will affect both businesses and their workforces. This vote is one of the first steps towards transforming the labour reform from a concept into law. Here we provide you with a brief […]

Is Matteo Renzi the black swan of the Italian labour market?

On the evening of 28 September 2014, Matteo Renzi, prime minister of the Italian Republic, appeared on the Italian television programme Che Tempo Che Fa (in English, Sign of the Times) where he set the Italian labour market abuzz with the following declaration: ‘There are 22 million Italians; we also need to think of them. […]

Apprenticeship contracts: will they save Italy’s future?

The law that converted the Poletti Decree (Law No. 78 of 16 May 2014) has only recently been published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale — the official journal of record of the Italian government. With this deed, Legislative Decree No. 34 of 20 March 2014 has now become a law that regulates not only fixed-term employment contracts […]

Decreto Lavoro — a new labour reform in Italy

On 13 May 2014, the House of Representatives in Italy voted on, and passed, a new Italian Labour Decree — known in Italian as the Decreto Lavoro — that will reform some of the regulations currently governing the Italian labour market. The Decreto Lavoro Law No. 78 is the first step of Matteo Renzi’s Jobs Act, which […]

Over the rainbow: same-sex marriages and employment in Italy

On 1 May, people around the world will be celebrating May Day — also known as International Workers’ Day — with traditional dances involving rainbow-coloured ribbons. Here in Italy, May Day was first celebrated in 1890 to celebrate workers’ achievements in their struggles for their rights and for better social and economic conditions. This year, ‘the struggle […]

Trainees in Italy: the challenge of the youth employment

On 5 March 2014 in Rome, the Italian Labour Court ruled that apprenticeship (training) contracts will be considered independent from the Fornero Labour Reform regulations (Law No. 92/2012) governing Italian employment relationships — and in particular terminations. This ruling came about from a claim made by a former trainee who, at the termination of their apprenticeship […]

The Jobs Act: scene 2014 — take 34

On 12 March, the Italian government initiated the first of many labour reforms to come with the announcement of a new ‘Jobs Act’. However, it was only on 20 March that the text of the first ‘Jobs Act’ reform was published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale (in English, Official Gazette) as Decree Law No 34 of […]

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