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Third-party funding and mediation

By Athanasios Papadas Third-party funding (“TPF”) has gained traction in several Canadian jurisdictions. An increasing number of counsel and parties alike appreciate the value of non-recourse legal financing and its role in alleviating financial burden and mitigating risk. Thanks to these and other advantages of TPF, it is no surprise that parties engaged in (voluntary […]

Reflections on Dubai arbitration week

By James Foster Recently I attended the annual Dubai Arbitration Week. Having spent 12 years working in the region as a senior lawyer, I’ve joined this and similar events over many years. But this was my first visit to the event in the role of litigation funder. This new perspective opened my eyes to the […]

Turning legal liabilities into beneficial assets

By Neill Brennan Virtually every business has used some form of finance, whether it be equity or debt. Typically, CFOs play a critical role in determining optimal capital structure, looking at sources and uses of funds. Rarely however are opportunities presented to CFOs to turn a potentially costly liability into a beneficial asset. Litigation funding […]

Dispute resolution – Yes and no: how funders decide

By David Walker, Investment Manager (Solicitor) for Augusta Ventures According to Pythagoras: “The oldest, shortest words – ‘yes’ and ‘no’ – are those which require the most thought.” Litigation funders would wholeheartedly agree when deciding whether or not to fund a case. As the largest funder in the UK by volume of claims funded, Augusta […]

To GLO or not to GLO – a funder’s perspective

It is undeniable that dealing with multiple claimants is a challenge. One of those challenges is deciding how to structure the litigation. Do you flood the Court and the defendant(s) with separate claim forms for each claimant? Do you choose a claimant who shares the same interests as others in the group to act as a representative? What about bringing a test case?

How much can litigation funders take in class action wins or settlements?

In a recent Lawyers Weekly live webcast, an expert panel, including Augusta Ventures Managing Director Neill Brennan, explained the contributing factors in determining the commission allocated to funders. In an article following on from the webcast ‘Everything you need to know about class actions in Australia’, Neill explains how litigation funding corrects the power imbalance […]

International Comparative Legal Guide: International arbitration and third-party funding

By James Foster, Samiksha Gosain Introduction While third-party funding has been established for close to a decade in the UK, the funding of international arbitration has become commonplace only more recently.  From our own experience at Augusta, we have seen a 100% increase in funding of international arbitration cases over the last two years.  Where […]

The Singapore Convention – A Funder’s Perspective

Augusta’s International Arbitration Investment Manager Scheherazade Dubash writes about the recently signed United Nations Singapore Convention on Mediation. The Singapore Convention – A Funder’s Perspective In 1958 the United Nations forever changed the way the world perceived international arbitration with the advent of the Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards – […]

UK legal industry turnover at record high

Augusta and Managing Director Louis Young have appeared in The Global Legal Post today, discussing how the UK’s legal industry’s turnover reaches record highs in the first half Of 2019. Legal industry generated almost £18bn of revenue in first six months of 2019. London, 9th August 2019. Despite uncertainty in many areas of the economy, […]

Funding for Maritime, International Trade and Energy matters

Maritime, commodity and energy cases are certainly able to be serviced by the litigation funding sector. Litigation funders have already supported cases and have identified this sector as a specific one for growth. LSR sought out funders who have a specialized maritime law investment manager and found only one. Simonie Dimitrellou, the investment manager and […]