Company offers legal research service

A COMPANY describing itself as an outdoor clerk locum service is being established in London.

Terrier & Co is offering what it regards as a new service of precedent case research and listing, covering a minimum period of 10 years. There is a fixed fee of u25 for each search.

Martin Osment of the firm says no one has yet provided such a service.

Other areas covered are case references and bundle preparation, taking statements, outlining and swearing affidavits, police station and other attendance work. This is done at an hourly rate, which can vary from u11 to u45 depending on the nature of the work.

The new company will be working with a training service, Solicitors Assistance & Support, run by clerk-turned-trainee John Carter, which offers training in the responsibilities of an outdoor clerk and can also equip clerks with the skills to undertake immigration interviews.

Courses are also on offer to law students at some universities in England and Wales.