Compagnoni, Marco – Hot 100

It is hardly news that Marco Compagnoni is one of the best private equity lawyers in town. His European private equity group has been the most profitable in the firm this year and has always been a stellar performer.

In 2004 Compagnoni reinforced the perception that he is an excellent manager of the most high-profile and demanding of clients.

The Barclay brothers must come pretty high up on a list of demanding clients, but they were determined to buy The Telegraph this year, and Compagnoni was there every step of the way to help them do it.

One minute it looked as if the brothers’ bid was dead in the water when Hollinger International persuaded the US courts to block their daring side deal with disgraced media baron Conrad Black for The Telegraph.

The Barclays were then forced to compete at auction, but after a fight that went to the wire they walked away with the prize, which is already Compagnoni’s daily read.

Marco Compagnoni