Commercial calibre

One Essex Court

Head of chambers: Lord Grabiner QC. Senior clerks: Robert Ralphs, Paul Shrubsall. Tenants: 60 (22 QCs). Principal practice areas: Commerce and finance, including arbitration, commercial, company and insolvency, European Union law, IP and revenue law. Leading cases in last year: Equitable Life Assurance Society v AD Hymam – Lord Grabiner QC, Andre Lenon; Director General of Fair Trading (DGFT) v Premier League/BskyB/BBC – Christopher Carr QC; Sphere Drake Alexander Howden v Orion – Lord Grabiner QC, Alan Griffiths, Lisa Lake, Daniel Jowell; Baring's Directors Disqualification – Elizabeth Gloster QC, Edmund Nourse; Zino Davidoff v A&G Imports – Geoffrey Hobbs QC; Rowland v Al Fayed – Christopher Carr QC, Jeffery Onions QC, Sa'ad Hossain; Al Fayed v Trevor Rees-Jones – Neil Kitchener; Corporation of Lloyd's v Inland Revenue – Graham Aaronson QC; The Bloody Sunday Enquiry – Jacob Grierson.

Brick Court Chambers

Head of chambers: Christopher Clarke QC. Senior clerks: Ian Moyler, Julian Hawes. Tenants: 59 (25 QCs). Principal practice areas: Commercial and European law, ranging from banking and asset finance to human rights. Leading cases in last year: DGFT v Premier League/BskyB/BBC – Jonathan Sumption QC, Nicholas Green QC for BskyB, Catharine Otton Goulder for the Premier League; Groupo Torras Litigation – Andrew Popplewell QC, Paul Wright; Sphere Drake v Orion – Jonathan Sumption QC, Neil Calver; R v MAFF ex parte Factortame – David Vaughan QC, Nicholas Forwood QC, Gerald Barling QC, David Anderson QC, Nicholas Green QC, Fergus Randolph; Equitable Life Assurance Society v AD Hymam – Jonathan Sumption QC, Simon Salzedo.

Essex Court Chambers

Head of chambers: Gordon Pollock QC. Senior clerk: David Grief. Tenants: 62 (16 QCs). Principal practice areas: Commercial litigation, shipping, insurance, banking, employment, entertainment, arbitration and international law. Leading cases in last year: HRH Prince Jefri Bolkiah v KPMG – Gordon Pollock QC, James Collins; Nigel Martin Smith v Robert Peter Williams – Richard Millett; The “Derbyshire” Enquiry – Bernard Eder QC, Joe Smouha, Claire Blanchard, Michel Thomas QC, Karen Troy-Davies, Simon Bryan; Re: General Pinochet – Christopher Greenwood QC, Peter Duffy QC, David Scorey; Levante Establishment v HRH Prince Jefri Bolkiah – Gordon Pollock QC, Graham Dunning, James Collins; Michael Flately (Highlands Stage Promotions) v John Reid Enterprises – Gordon Pollock QC, Richard Millett.

Fountain Court Chambers

Head of chambers: Anthony Boswood QC. Chambers director: Ric Martin. Head of clerking: Mark Watson. Tenants: 47 (15 QCs). Principal practice areas: Commercial litigation, banking, insurance, professional negligence, aviation, employment. Leading cases in last year: Mannesman v Goldman Sachs – Lord Goldsmith QC, Timothy Howe; Morgan Grenfell v SACE – Michael Brindle QC, Timothy Howe, Richard Handyside, Patrick Goodall; Barclays Bank Plc v Boulter – Michael Brindle QC, Stephen Moriarty QC; Groupo Torras – Anthony Boswood QC; Scottish Equitable v Derby – Richard Handyside; Group Action Afrika v Cape – Brian Doctor QC, Richard Coleman; Nuova Safim v Sakura Bank – Michael Brindle QC, Bankim Thanki; Rembrandt v Phillip Morris – Peter Scott QC; Ebert v Birch & Midland Bank – Andrew Mitchell; SAAB v Saudi American Bank – Lord Goldsmith QC; Three Rivers District Council v Bank of England – Nicholas Stadlen QC, Bankim Thanki.

Other leading sets: Blackstone Chambers, 3 Verulam Buildings, 7 King's Bench Walk, Littleton Chambers