Collyer-Bristow expansion includes new senior partner

ROGER Woolfe has been appointed senior partner at Collyer-Bristow to replace Alan Burdon-Cooper, who is stepping down after 10 years.

The firm is also to take on two or three new partners to boost its private client and company commercial work.

Burdon-Cooper's term was an important period for the firm, which saw office expansion and a growing matrimonial department.

He says: “It is time for a new face to take over. I am looking forward to having time for more client work.” He wants to build up his sports sponsorship practice.

Woolfe says: “We are in expansionist mood. I want to build on the success of my predecessor and do more of the same. We differ slightly in style. I want to lead from the front.”

The firm has 14 partners but should have 17 by the end of the year if current negotiations are finalised.

Woolfe says the firm will continue to use its art gallery to boost its relations with clients.