Cohen Milstein loses Hausfeld to form new boutique

A new claimant law firm based in Washington opened its doors today and immediately announced plans to expand across the US and into London.

Hausfeld is a breakaway from well-known claimant class action firm Cohen Milstein Hausfeld & Toll. It is chaired by Michael Hausfeld, formerly the head of Cohen Milstein’s antitrust and international practice groups and one of the best-known class action lawyers in the US.

“My new firm will have a legal practice that is global in nature and will offer to citizens of many countries the ability to have the same meaningful access to justice and a level the playing field that is now available to US citizens,” Hausfeld said in a statement. “One way that this will be accomplished is through a joint venture that can represent citizens of Asian countries, such as China or India, in obtaining redress against cartels.”

In addition to its new Washington office, Hausfeld plans to operate in London, New York and San Francisco. In the UK, the firm said it would focus on a variety of matters including competition law, global energy issues and representing non-US clients in US litigation.

Hausfeld will provide domestic and international legal services in the areas of competition, human rights, product liability civil rights, environmental, and securities.

US class action firm Cohen Milstein Hausfeld & Toll launched in London last year, a move that was widely interpreted as heralding the arrival of US-style securities and shareholder class actions in the UK.

With Hausfeld’s departure the firm will now be known as Cohen, Milstein & Toll.