Coat tales

Michael Skrein, head of media litigation at Richards Butler, has a thing for the television detective Colombo. And the similarities go beyond his litigation tactic of faking sudden recollection of something at the last minute to off-balance the main suspect.
He also dons a similarly dishevelled raincoat, which was the focus of one client's particular attention. The happy client was sufficiently impressed with Skrein's handling of his case that at its conclusion he offered the top litigator five quid to have the coat dry-cleaned. Skrein, visibly shocked at the thought of cleaning his most loved practical possession, responded: “Clearly you have never been to my neck of the woods – you can't get a dry cleaner there for £5 for love nor money. It costs at least £12.50.” Tulkinghorn is impressed by the extremes that some people will go to to keep their coats dirty.