CMS Russia chops 29 fee-earners a year after integration of firm

The latest round of redundancies came on 27 November, when 24 staff were laid off. Of that number eight were fee-earners, although no partners were affected.

The network said it is still committed to the full integration of the offices, which took place in December 2008 when the Moscow offices of CMS Cameron McKenna, CMS Hasche Sigle and CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre combined under the banner CMS Russia.

It is understood that the Moscow merger was seen as a pilot for further integration across the CMS network.

David Cranfield, one of the Moscow office’s joint managing partners, said: “The redundancies were part of an effort to make sure that the business is appropriately sized. The market has been tough in Russia, but the merger’s a big success. We intend to continue and we have the support of our shareholders.

“We’re a tight ship now and don’t expect to have to make any more redundancies; what we’ve done is geared our business according to a very conservative view of the next year.”

When CMS Russia formed last year it comprised 130 lawyers, including 22 partners.