CMS partners home in on European strategy

Partners from the nine CMS network firms will ­discuss how they can ­consolidate their position across European markets when they meet for their annual partner conference this month.

The event, which takes place in Vienna between 10-12 June, will focus on how the network can increase revenues in Europe against the backdrop of a market that is not experiencing strong growth.

CMS executive partner Dick Tyler said of the ­conference: “It’s a fascinating test of the philosophy of Europe. Sure the currency will be a topic of discussion, but that will be the background to discussions over the opportunities for us as an international firm across Europe in a market that’s not growing in absolute size.

“We’ve had a good couple of years – the Continental market has been less affected [by the recession] than the UK market. Our model has been pretty resilient over the years.”

He said firms in CMS have seen more clients looking for a “joined-up service”.

“We’re distinct, if not unique, as the only firm ­trying to operate exclusively in Europe. It’s not for a lack of ambition – we believe in depth rather than breadth. Why go outside the market before you’ve reach saturation in it?”