CMS Cameron McKenna, CMS Bureau Francis LeFebvre, CMS Hasche Sigle and the six other firms in the CMS network are planning an integration that would see them drop their historic names and regroup under the CMS banner.

CMS, currently an alliance, will vote in January on whether it should adopt a ‘Deloitte’ model; operating under one name, with one brand.

Camerons senior partner Richard Price said: “The nine firms would converge further to reinforce their position as one of the biggest legal and tax providers in Europe.”

If the firms do integrate, CMS will boast 2,000 lawyers across 26 jurisdictions. Deloitte, as well as being the model for CMS’s integration, is also advising on the strategy and potential implementation.

The firms will operate as one, with a common IT programme, for instance, but integration would stop short of a full merger with profit sharing, with each member retaining financial independence.