CMS alliance finally fills CEO position

CMS, the European alliance launched by Cameron McKenna, has at last appointed a new CEO, almost a year after the post became vacant.

The alliance has appointed non-lawyer Peter van Dalen who will step down as managing director of Camerons’ Dutch ally CMS Derks Star Busmann Hanotiau.

The alliance lost CEO Peter Lonnquist in December 1999 when his Swedish firm, ex-CMS member Tisell, voted to merge with Ernst & Young’s legal arm. Lonnquist was the only partner to vote against the merger.

Van Dalen, who joined CMS Derks Star Busmann Hanotiau a year ago with a mandate to restructure and modernise the firm, cannot be made a partner due to his non-lawyer status and will be salaried from the CMS budget.

He will focus on speeding up the integration of the five-firm alliance, building international practice groups and fostering financial and technological integration.