Clyde & Co has increased its salaries for trainee and newly qualified (NQ) solicitors.

First-seat trainees will now earn £40,000, up £2,000 from £38,000, while second-years get the same uplift and will now earn £42,000, up from £40,000.

The NQ salary has increased £5,000 to £70,000.

Clydes has also revealed its retention for the autumn. It will keep on 36 out of 43 final-seat trainees in full-time NQ roles, plus one on a fixed-term contract until the end of August, giving it retention of 84 per cent.

Thirty-three of the NQs will be based in London, three in Manchester and one in Guildford.

Nine NQs will join the Insurance Financial & Professional Disputes Group, five join the international arbitration practice, four go to employment, three to marine, three to international trade, two to aviation, two to real estate, two to projects and construction, two to corporate, and one each to CAT loss, planning, commercial, energy, corporate insurance.