Clyde & Co – UK 100

Turnover: £96m

Profit per equity partner: £460,000

Equity spread: £235,000-£610,000

Net profit: £30.8m

Profit margin: 32 per cent

Salaried partner remuneration: £122,000

Revenue per lawyer: £304,000

Revenue per partner: £850,000

Revenue per equity partner: £1,433,000

Cost per lawyer: £206,000

Profit per lawyer: £97,000

No of partners: 113

No of equity partners: 67

No of female partners: 14

No of female equity partners: Four

Total no of fee-earners (including consultants, paralegals etc): 443

Total no of fee-earners (excluding consultants, paralegals etc): 316

Total no of staff: 880

Leverage ratio: 1:3.03

Equity partner to staff ratio: 1:6.52

Fee-earner to staff ratio: 1:0.99

Financial management: Average fixed capital contribution for equity partners is £126,000. Practice profile by revenue is litigation 65 per cent, corporate and employment 22, property 7 and finance 6.

Equity structure: Modified lockstep with 10 steps, step one comprising 46 profit-sharing units to step 10, comprising 100 profit-sharing units.

Billable hours targets: 1,300.

Key clients: Ace Insurance, Brit Insurance, Ernst & Winney, Glencore, Swiss Re, Sphere Drake.