Clough justice

Tulkinghorn had occasion the other day to be chatting to the delightful Geldards East Midlands’ senior partner David Williams, who counts among his clients the now-oxymoronic Derby County Football Club.

It was not always thus. The Rams were once high-flying, championship-winning greats. The reason? One Brian Clough.

Jump forward a few years and Williams found himself on a panel discussing the legal issue of the day and sitting in the front row was none other than Cloughie himself.

Randomly, as was his wont, Clough decided to ask Williams for advice on his inheritance tax.

Williams, a property lawyer, didn’t have a clue. However, he figured Cloughie wouldn’t either. So putting on his most authoritative lawyerly voice, Williams plucked a figure out of the air, satisfying the great man. Temporarily.

“Young man,” said Clough.
“Is that just for me, or me and the wife?”
“Both,” blagged Williams. Again, Clough went away. Until the conference was over, at which point the football tyro put himself in Williams’ face and barked: “Don’t you ever give me wrong f**king advice again!”
The next day Clough visited Williams in his office to instruct him. Mysterious ways indeed.