Cloud grazing

This latest Eversheds tidbit comes after The Lawyer‘s April Fool story about Eversheds putting sheep on its grass-covered roof in an effort to become London’s greenest firm. The story was not beyond the realms of reality, and many an April Fool was reeled in.

One of Tulkinghorn’s moles discovered that the firm was taken by surprise when a farmer rang up to enquire what kind of sheep the firm might be looking for to spruce up the roof.

An Eversheds insider could not contain his glee when telling the mole about the call. “When I got a message that a farmer had called, I thought a colleague was pulling my leg, but I called back and it was a genuine query,” exclaimed the source.

Apparently the farmer had some breed of the fluffy animals that were used to grazing at altitude with strong winds and could provide Eversheds with a handful.

The firm respectfully declined the offer, but Tulkinghorn supposes the sheep are now gainfully employed as a lunchtime special in the Eversheds canteen.