Clock ticking for training contract hopefuls

As would-be lawyers around the country wrack their brains for an original answer to the ‘why law?’ question, so graduate recruitment teams are preparing to sift through the deluge of thousands of training contract applications that land on their desks every year.

Every year the sift gets harder, as more and more students attain the baseline of good degree, star A-levels, university society head and a load of charity work to boot. It’s no wonder then, that graduate recruiters are coming up with ever more ingenious way to tell the wheat from the chaff.

Withers’ recent tweet telling applicants to “get your fictional characters ready” refers to its practice of asking applicants which literary character they think they most resemble. Weird and wonderful answers abound of course, with some of the creepier answers including Hannibal Lecter.

Meanwhile, increasing numbers of applicants and interviewers face the challenge of going CV-blind. Since Clifford Chance announced it had adopted the method, firm have piled in on the act with Mayer Brown and Macfarlanes rolling out the scheme.

So spare a thought for the poor training contract applicant, hunting desperately for an original, ingenious, persuasive answer to the killer question while simultaneously pondering whether it’s a bad idea to plump for being like Atticus Finch.

Answer: it is.

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