Clinton's fate in hands of Arkansas Bar

Bill Clinton could be struck off from the Arkansas bar after being cited for contempt.

District Judge Susan Webber Wright has referred her contempt order to the state Bar – the only one to which Clinton is admitted – for possible action.

Her findings were limited to Clinton's sworn statements on whether he and Monica Lewinsky had ever been alone together and whether he had ever engaged in sexual relations with Lewinsky.

The Arkansas Supreme Court Committee on Professional Conduct, which is seven strong and includes two non-lawyers, can reprimand, suspend or disbar attorneys who break legal ethics rules.

US experts agree action looks likely to be taken against Clinton, but they disagree about the severity of the possible sanction.

Judge Wright's citation is the fourth one on Clinton known to have been sent to the committee. It is important as it comes from a finding of fact in court, whereas previous complaints have come from political groups or private citizens.