Clifford Chance’s Layton schedules management cull

Clifford Chance’s new broom is getting started on the spring cleaning. Matthew Layton has only been in the managing partner job for a month but he’s already making good on his manifesto pledges.

The new leader has scheduled a vote on slimming the management committee from 16 to nine next month. What’s more, the firm’s partners seem pleased. It is what they elected Layton for, over real estate finance partner Andrew Carnegie and Paris chief Yves Wehrli, after all.

What will it mean for those on the committee, including new corporate head Guy Norman? Nobody knows as yet, but partners are busy talking over the changes ahead of the vote next month. One thing’s for sure, Layton has big plans. If his manifesto is anything to go by it’ll soon be time to scrap those salaries partner bands.

Watch this space, Layton’s broom is coming through.

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