CLIFFORD Chance has created an independent appeals body for partners who are cut as part of its global restructuring.

The ad hoc committee, led by commercial litigation partner Simon Davis, will consider appeals from partners affected by the cull. It is understood that partners will be able to log an appeal up until the start of July.

Although full details of the partnership restructuring have not been revealed, it is understood the magic circle firm’s management has completed the review process.

The appeals body is independent and thought to include five partners.

A source said: “The selection is not based on performance. People aren’t being asked to leave because they aren’t good at their jobs. This means a process that is fair is necessary. That’s why the firm has set up the appeals function.”

Clifford Chance’s partnership voted to give the restructuring the green light earlier this year (The Lawyer, 23 March). It is now scaling back the partnership across its network.

A professional practices partner said: “Most firms feel the management board fulfils the appeals duty.”