Clifford Chance has posted its best trainee retention figure in three years.

It is the third firm to release its spring 2018 retention, following Trowers & Hamlins and Mayer Brown.

The magic circle firm offered jobs to 44 of its 48 final-seat trainees, with all accepting, giving it a final retention figure of 92 per cent.

The result is above average for the firm and marks a significant increase on the last retention round, when it kept on 81 per cent of its qualifiers, and the round before than, when it retained just 67 per cent.

Meanwhile, Clifford Chance confirmed that it had decided not to continue with the video game element of its training contract application process that it trialled last year.

The game tested the tenacity and perseverance of potential trainees, as well as how they responded under pressure; however, following the pilot the firm has opted not to make it a permanent feature of its application process.