Clifford Chance partner to chair ICC arbitration court

The beleaguered International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) International Court of Arbitration in Paris has appointed replacement chairmen, following the current chairman’s recent shock resignation.

Current chairman Pierre Tercier, who will leave the post on 30 June, will be succeeded by Salans co-founder Carl Salans as interim chairman.

Salans will be replaced by Clifford Chance’s global head of international arbitration John Beechey on 1 January 2009, whose term will run until 30 June 2012.

It is understood that Tercier resigned due to his belief that it should break its final link with the ICC and become an autonomous body; the ICC said that it held “divergent views” (as reported (The Lawyer, 31st March).

Clifford Chance arbitration partner Audley Sheppard commented on Beechey’s new role: “This is an extremely prestigious appointment and is a recognition of John’s immense reputation and standing in international arbitration worldwide.”