Clifford Chance makes more foreign friends

Clifford Chance looks like it might just be the most popular kid in the playground right now. First it breaks new ground in Saudi, then today it announces an association with an Indonesian boutique.

Its new association, with Linda Widyati & Partners, comes days after it launched its mixed partnership in Saudi Arabia, the first international law firm to do so. It was also the first foreign firm to apply for a licence to launch in Seoul in 2012 and teamed up with Singaporean boutique Cavenagh Law later that year. So the firm has been making new friends all over the world in recent years, particularly across Asia Pacific.

But while it appears everyone wants a piece of Clifford Chance at the moment, it’s not always in a good way. Last year the firm’s “clever word game” describing itself as “the first full-service integrated law practice in Singapore”, landed it in hot water with the Singaporean government.

Clifford Chance is also facing a £130m negligence claim after being joined to a suit bought by JP Morgan against German transport provider BVG.

It just goes to show, it’s tough being popular.

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