Clifford Chance has posted its trainee retention figures for spring 2022, the last of the magic circle to do so.

With 46 trainees reaching the end of their final seat, 41 applied for jobs and the firm made offers to 34 of them. In the end 32 accepted newly-qualified roles at the firm, giving Clifford Chance a final retention figure of 69.6 per cent.

It closely matches the firm’s autumn 2021 rate, when 37 of 53 (69.8 per cent) stayed on. These sub-70 per cent results are relatively unusual for Clifford Chance, which typically manages to retain between 75 and 85 per cent of its qualifiers.

Thirteen firms have now published their results, with CMS revealing it has kept on 24 of 25 qualifiers, 22 in London and one each in Dubai and Bristol. Three join the insurance team, five go to energy, infrastructure and project finance, for each to the technology/media and real estate departments, two to real estate and two to litigation. The final four trainees join the leveraged finance, capital markets, funds and employment groups.