Client care for Bevan Ashford

Bevan Ashford is introducing client care training for its partners, fee earners and support staff following a 10-month research project.

The firm hired management consultant John Parker to interview 25 of its clients about their perceptions of Bevan Ashford's work.

Parker also surveyed staff members and partners about their own perception of client care.

The firm has since appointed former KPMG trainer Sue Brownlow as its first head of human resources and training.

Bevan Ashford marketing manager Sarah Hall says the survey will be presented to partners this week and partners will be given 10 days to offer feedback on its findings.

However, all staff and partners will undergo a training programme to implement the recommendations of the survey.

Hall says: “The results of the survey show that client care is a state of mind which should be woven into the daily workload as something that comes naturally, not put aside as a series of systems and processes to be filled in.”

Hall says the training programme is likely to include the philosophies of US professional services guru and former professor of Harvard Business School David Maister. It will also include coaching skills for partners.