Mary Atkins, also known as Mary Fulton, is suing Martin St Clair, Dale Wiltcher, Michael Wheeler, and Simon Steel-Carr Robinson, partners in solicitors firm Stops & Burton, whose last known place of business was in Daventry, for damages for alleged breach of contract. Atkins is claiming £516,000 after allegedly lending the partners £484,000 in June 1993. Atkins says she was approached by her then solicitors MJ Harvey & Co of London, with a proposition for a financial transaction involving a bridging loan to a client of Stops and Burton. She made the loan, which was to be secured by way of irrevocable solicitors' undertaking. She says the loan was to be repaid by 6 August 1993 and a term of the agreement was that in the event of late payment she would receive a penalty payment of £815.21 a day. She transferred the money but claims the solicitors have failed to repay it. In addition to seeking return of the money she is claiming interest of £245,611 and continuing interest of £113 a day.

Claim issued by Brooke Blain Russell, London ECm Dr Geoffrey Kewley of the Learning Assessment Centre, Horsham, West Sussex, is suing Dr Clive Charlesworth and Invicta Community NHS Trust of West Malling, Kent. Kewley claims damages for libel allegedly contained in a circular letter published by Charlesworth in May 1998. The letter went to Dr Andrew Harris and other partners at Dr Rao and Partners, based in Gravesend, Kent as well as other GPs in the area. Kewley also seeks an injunction restraining further publication of the words which he claims are defamatory.

Claim issued by Nicholas JF Lightbody, Newtimber, West Sussex

The Right Honourable Christopher Portman – 10th Viscount Portman, Robert Brock, Baron Geddes of Rolvenden and John Watney, the trustees of the Portman Family Settled Estates are suing Jamal Sheri. The claim concerns a lease of premises at 7 and 8 Seymour Mews, London W1. It alleges that Sheri covenanted as surety for the tenants' obligations and is now liable to the landlord for all losses, damages, costs and expenses arising from the tenants' breaches. The claimants seek arrears of rent, insurance and other costs.

Claim issued by Masons, London EC1

Investment Bank Lehman Brothers is being taken to the High Court by property owner Ester Nassiv who claims that one of Lehmans' employees damaged property rented to the bank. The claim alleges that Lehmans took a three-year lease of the house at 24 Ingram Avenue, London NW11, for a rent of £130,000 a year. Nassiv claims that in breach of the lease the bank failed to keep the house in good order. Nassiv is suing for the cost of repairs, a total of £223,325.

Claim issued by Saunders Bearman, London W

RMC Readymix, trading as RMC Readymix Southern, of Egham, Surrey, is suing Sherrock Civil Engineering of Barnet, Hertfordshire, for £15,276.57 for goods sold and delivered.

Claim issued by Stafford Young Jones, London EC