Claiming up

Claiming upApparently the reason that some consultations are dragging on is because of the number of grievance procedures in place.

As already mentioned, a raft of unfair dismissal claims is bubbling under the surface (see post).

On the whole these are from individuals who feel they have been accused of underperformance by managers wanting to avoid the implications of the “R” word.

But there’s another dimension to the grievances – those who are facing redundancy but are filing for sex or race discrimination.

According to some, while a proportion are genuine, others are merely an attempt to milk the firm.

One manager told me that he recently turned up to a firm do and was surprised to see one of his colleagues there whom he thought had already lost his job some time ago.

Far from being anxious about what was ahead, the colleague whose job was on the line was reportedly in good spirits.

The lawyer argued that as the only man to be facing redundancy in his team, he had filed for sex discrimination and was going to try and get as much money as possible out of the firm.

Whether the claim is justified or not is hard to say. But a wave of discrimination claims is a new headache for law firms when they need one least.