Civil service pay: The public sector lawyers who earn more than PM

A number of high-profile lawyers on the public payroll are among the 172 civil servants who earn more than the Prime Minister, David Cameron.

David Green QC, the director of the revenues and customs division at the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), earns between £210,000 and £214,999 – £70,000 more than David Cameron’s annual salary of £142,500.

His colleague at the CPS, director of public prosecutions Keir Starmer QC, makes in the range of £195,000-£199,999. Starmer’s counterpart for Northern Ireland, Sir Alasdair Fraser QC, is on £170,000-£174,999.

Paul Jenkins QC, permanent secretary at the Treasury Solicitors department, earns £155,000-£159,999.

The salary details, which include taxable benefits and allowances, were published today by the Cabinet Office.

The list is not conclusive, with a number of civil servants refusing to declare their earnings. However, the Government plans to publish the remuneration of all civil servants making more than £58,000 by next year.