Civil Justice Council set for independent probe

The Civil Justice Council (CJC) is to undergo an independent review, the Ministry of Justice has announced today (4 February).

Justice minister Bridget Prentice, said that the review of the advisory public body, which is responsible for overseeing and co-ordinating reforms to the civil justice system, would examine the Council’s strengths and weaknesses.

“The review is a timely opportunity to illustrate publicly the considerable achievements of the Civil Justice Council and to help it develop further,” said Prentice.

The review, which will be conducted by former Department of Constitutional Affairs board member Dr Jonathan Spencer, will also examine how, or if at all, the CJC should be overhauled to maximise its effectiveness.

This includes analysing the Council’s structure – its committees, the secretariat and its general ways of working.

In addition Spencer’s review will look at the extent to which the CJC has established itself as “an authoritative influence in the civil justice world”.

The review of the CJC, which was established a decade ago and has never been reviewed formally, is due to be completed by Spring.