City players get chance to form own chambers

CITY solicitors are being offered the chance to work alongside other specialist sole practitioners in a customised solicitor's chambers venture launched last week.

The City Solicitors' Chambers, in Mansell Street, is based on a similar venture also established by solicitor Anton Alexander five years ago in north west London.

But the new operation, based on sole practitioners sharing “no frills” basic legal office services, is aiming to attract commercial rather than general practice solicitors.

Alexander, who says he has recruited the third solicitor to join the new chambers, says the charging structure for the facilities will be based on the turnover of the practitioner. This will allow solicitors new to the field to minimise overheads and attract new business by offering extremely competitive prices.

Alexander says City solicitors have nothing to fear in striking out on their own if they wish to step off the promotional treadmill of the big City firms.

“A lot of City solicitors don't believe they can get the work, and a lot can only think of working for large firms, with the ultimate aim of being a partner,” he says.

The chambers is thought to be the third of its kind.