City firms miss PR opportunity

The annual lovefest that is The Sunday Times’ 100 Best Companies To Work For is published this Sunday – and we got a sneak preview.

The cuddliest of cuddly law firms, Pannone, is still at number three in the soft parade and the firm’s lawyers have been bouncing up and down with the great news since it found out at a champagne dinner last week. North West rival Brabners Chaffe Street, meanwhile, performed strongly and rose 23 spaces (see story).

With the work-life balance debate rising to a frenzy in recent weeks, lawyers might pay a little bit more attention to this than usual. And guess what? Only one London firm makes the grade.

And that’s those West End-based media luvvies at Olswang. But even it slumped by 35 places. But at least it took part. Surely that’s a PR opportunity missed.