City firm clarifies sick pay scheme

NABARRO Nathanson has sent a memo to staff to clarify details of its new discretionary sick pay scheme to be introduced on 1 May.

The memo follows, and makes reference to, a story in The Lawyer last week revealing staff concerns that salaries of some secretaries suffering from upper limb disorder would be terminated.

Discretionary sick pay is salary paid on top of statutory sick pay (SSP). Currently all incapacitated staff with more than one year's service may be paid 40 day's full salary.

They will now get the full salary less SSP for the first three months' off work, and 75 per cent of salary less SSP for the next three months.

Nabarros says the change brings its policy into line with that of other employers.

All employees with more than one year's service are covered by the firm's permanent health insurance (PHI) which provides 75 per cent of salary where they are off work for more than six months.

The firm also told staff it is expanding its medical services by taking on an occupational health nurse who will visit the firm every day.

Nabarros has had 24 cases of repetitive strain injury-related illness among staff in the past two years. Eight cases are awaiting PHI claims.