City Computers gets a slice of the Action

The takeover of legal supplier Timeslice by insurance software company City Computers is causing concern among legal users about the future of their networks.

The company is contacting its 60 law firm clients to reassure them that their Lawman and Action software is safe.

Sources say some users are considering their future with Timeslice, although this reflects uncertainty rather than discontent with the system.

Many Timeslice users have parent company guarantees with owners Kenneth Horne Family holdings. Sales and marketing director Tom Huckin says the guarantees are not hit. "The parent company guarantees remain unaffected and the insurances which form part of those guarantees will remain the same."

Although the guarantees are still owned by Kenneth Horne Family Holdings, an agreement with City Computers means the company will honour them, says Huckin.

Timeslice and City Computers also share an operating system which will help minimise differences between the new company's products.

The company has been reorganised with a new head – Ibby Khair becomes managing director and chief executive officer. City Computers sales director Jules del Espino joins the Timeslice board and Timeslice staff will be moving into City Computers' headquarters.

"We've already made contact with the Timeslice clients and we intend to visit them," says del Espino. "I hope it's going to be viewed as a take-over for all the right reasons."

Huckin says users will see more research and development taking place.

Timeslice user group chair Colin Ellis would not comment on the takeover's long-term impact.