Child Rover

There must be something in the water at BPP Law School. First, lecturer Jenny Gibbons gave birth to her second son last month in her car. “I had to wait for a friend to come and look after my toddler,” she said. “The contractions had started, but I thought I had longer than I did.”

Weeks later, baby Scarlett Lygo decided that she couldn’t wait until her mum Faye got to the maternity unit and arrived on the back seat of her dad’s (BPP’s chairman Carl Lygo) Range Rover.

Lygo senior said he was considering ‘Rover’ as a middle name for baby Scarlett, as this was his family’s second incident involving a motor vehicle. His second son, Alex, was born after Faye drove the family Land Rover into a field

Gibbons decided against calling her new arrival Mondeo, preferring Samuel.