Chicken e la Chancery Lane fells two officials

TWO LAW Society officials were struck down with food poisoning after eating a contaminated chicken dinner provided by Leiths, Chancery Lanes new up-market caterer.

The incident happened in September just 10 days after Leiths started providing meals in the Law Societys Grill Room having won a competitive tender to provide the service.

One of the staff members affected was Roger Ede, secretary of the Law Societys criminal law committee, who was ill for a few days.

But The Lawyer understands that another, more junior, member of staff was off work for two weeks.

A society spokeswoman said there had been an investigation after the incident and the source of the food poisoning had been traced to some contaminated chicken portions which had been served up by Leiths.

This has been an extremely regrettable incident, but Leiths has taken steps to ensure that it doesnt happen again, she said.

There have been no further incidents and Leiths are doing a good job for us.