Chelsea blue after losing ‘Chelski’ battle

Chelsea FC has lost its first IP fixture of the season to northern minnows Chelski, a Leeds drinks company that wants to use the word Chelski to market a vodka drink.

Chelsea formally objected, complaining to the UK Patent Office that the name was registered in bad faith to take advantage of the football club’s brand.

Trademark hearing officer Mike Foley said that, in his judgment, “even if I were to accept that the media reports had brought the name Chelski to the public’s consciousness as a reference to Chelsea Football Club, I do not see that this, of itself, gives the club rights to ringfence the word so as to prevent its use by others in relation to all products”.

Chelsea FC was ordered to pay £2,750 in costs (or 0.00009 per cent of new striker Andriy Shevchenko). Not likely to put a dent in Jose Mourinho’s plans for Premiership glory.