Cheer up

So, in our never-quenched spirit of generosity, we’d like to offer our top 10 reasons to be cheerful:

The Jackson review means US firms at least are rubbing their hands over potential contingency fees (see story);

Mishcons is proving there’s life outside the West End (see story);

Eversheds is keeping its pile ‘em high clients happy on the super cheap (see story);

Believe it or not, newly qualified retention rates are holding up well (see story);

Women managing partners – at last there are a few more of them around (think Stephenson Harwood, Cerha Hempel Spiegelfeld Hlawati in Austria and Maurice Turnor Gardner in the City;

All you brave stalwarts working through the pain of a dry January are starting to feel fit, trim and toned;
All you not doing a dry January have only 13 more days of people banging on smugly about it;
We’re nearly out of recession;

For proof of the above, there are jobs out there (see jobs);

Only one more day until the Hot 100 party.

There. Consider Blue Monday well and truly banished.


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