Change for clients' sake

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I am obliged to Mr Anthony Bogan for his letter published 27 August on two counts.

Firstly, for having taken the trouble to read the articles and responding to them and, secondly, for acknowledging conveyancing is indeed a sinking ship. In that regard, perhaps I could answer his question in the final paragraph of his letter and make my position clear.

As a conveyancer of some 36 years standing and the boss of a firm that handles about 400 domestic conveyancing cases a month, I think the way that conveyancing is handled as a consumer product stinks. I would gladly place the TNT in the bilges of the sinking ship and personally light the fuse.

I believe my clients' best interest is paramount. In this regard, my client is as much the lender as seller/buyer. Because of technology improvements, the time is now right to change the way home ownership is transferred. There is a far better system now available and I want to make sure all of my clients at least have the choice of the old system of delay and stress or the new system of instant transaction and no stress.

Brian Marson