CC sends ambassador to Indian ally AZB

Clifford Chance will be looking to consolidate its best friends relationship with Indian firm AZB & Partners later this year when it sends banking
partner Chris Wyman on secondment to the subcontinent.

Chris Wyman

Chris Wyman

The magic circle firm struck its referral deal with AZB earlier this year (, 14 January).

Wyman’s mission will be partly ambassadorial, but is primarily aimed at helping the firms get to know one another better to fulfil a mandate outlined by senior partner Stuart Popham.

“It’s more efficient to have somebody there in the same timezone for a while to make introductions and ensure both sides have the right connections,” said Wyman. “However, we’re very aware that we don’t want this to be misconstrued in India, or by the Indian Bar Council, as us trying to enter the market through the back door.”